Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Travel Around The World

This summer is so hot, the temperature is higher and higher day after day, however ,compared with the hot, the motor market is in the downturn time, due to the limit rules, the factor and external factor all lead to the decrease of the new motor products show, an manufacturer cut down the activities too.

The best news is that the SUZUKI introduce a item, it's called travel around the world with your family by SUZUKI. Undoubtedly, this activity attracted so many people's attention ,and receive the motor fans' support, on the opening ceremony, The only thing you van see is the head. The scene was so crowded that there was hardly breathing-space. Many consumers wanna have a try on the new type of SUZUKI.

This item is the forth activity that SUZUKI hold, it emphasize the happy to travel, and the attitude to live better. They have an idea that motor will make a better life. The former three time is held in the big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, concentrate on the transportation of brand and products. But what the changes and innovations in the forth activity? Let's adopt a wait-and-see attitude.

At first , the host place was chosen at the Nanchong. A city in the Sichuan province. Why Nanchong? It's the information center of economical, cultural, communications, trade in The northeast region. On the June 22th, a long motorcade appeared in the street, hundred of person ride the motor around the city, all people's enthusiasm was lighted, let us feel the passion the city and the motor was given off.

This motor festival has variety of ceremonial activities, it's not a simple motor show, for example, the first program is motor acrobatics, the consumer was struck dumb with astonishment,yes ,they all surprised. After that.you can sign up and receive a passport of game.then you can play all the game with your family, such as bend racing, shoot at the basket by motor, grab parking spaces, if you win ,you can gain the award, all about the motor's necessary, the motor helmet, motor gloves, and motor kneecap and so on, it need the ride skills and the happiness you feel.

If you have a baby, and worried his safe and don't play well, no, you don't need to worry so much , we arranged a place for children, give them a white paper and colour pen, let them draw the motor in their heart. The motor in children's eyes, their imagination is breathtaking. The big news is in the back ,you can use a old motor change into a new one, this is not a joke, it's true, in the site of activity, the old motor can be Recycled for about 1500 RMB, except that , you can draw a lottery ,maybe you can gain electric cooker, tv, or panel computer ,cell phone, if you are lucky, of course , this is a part of this festival,

Let's to make a summarize. The SUZUKI will insist on the idea that motor make a better life, and they will show people a safe ,funny ,and more function motor, and high quality.

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